A La Carte Dinner – Vegetarian

All dishes may be picked up/delivered warm, or we can send them out with precise cooking instructions to ensure maximum food quality by reheating in your own kitchen! We suggest that you select a variety of sides and entrees to make a well rounded meal.

We are happy to accommodate dietary preferences and allergies when possible. Please just ask if you are looking for a special preparation.

We are happy to discuss vegan options as well, please just ask! We also have vegan Impossible Burger ‘meat’ available for substitution on our regular menu items (upcharge applies, varies depending on the dish).

For most events, we utilize disposable platters. We are also happy to use platters that you provide for us ahead of time. As a third option, Taste can also present your appetizers on our ornamental ceramic, metal & melamine house platters with the completion of a simple contract and $75 deposit. We can deliver anywhere in Albuquerque for an additional $60, or $75 for delivery and set-up. We will include disposable cutlery, napkins & plates upon request for an additional $2 per person.

  • Side Salads

    Serve approximately 12 people.

    Simple Field Greens Salad
    tossed with citrus vinaigrette, grilled crimini mushrooms and teardrop tomatoes…

    Taste Salad
    changes seasonally…

    Hot Vegetable Sides

    Trays feed 12 people. Cost is $ per tray.

    Steamed Broccoli & Roasted Peppers
    with garlic-lemon butter sauce

    Green Beans
    with mushrooms and crispy shallots

    Snowpeas & Butternut Squash

    Roasted Root Vegetables

    with melted cheddar

    Butternut Squash & Creamed Leeks

    Roasted Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

    Summer Squash Wrapped Asparagus

    Truffle Roasted Cauliflower

    Cold Vegetable Sides

    Trays feed 12 people. Cost is $ per tray.

    Asparagus, Radish & Roasted Peppers

    Asian Julienne Vegetable & Edamame

    Orange, Fennel & Avocado

    Roasted Beet, Strawberry, Cranberry & Goat Cheese

    Lemon Broccoli
    with rice noodles & cabbage

    Seaweed Salad
    with cucumbers, shaved carrots and ginger

    of tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and balsamic reduction

  • Main Protein Dishes

    Trays feed 12 people.

    Penne Pasta & NM Red Chile
    asparagus, roasted butternut squash, broccoli florets, parmesan cream sauce…

    Vegetarian Lasagna
    zucchini, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, spinach, mozzarella, ricotta, Grana Padano, traditional tomato sauce…

    Harvest Vegetable Lasagna
    kale, spaghetti & butternut squash, roasted beets, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, fresh herbs…

    Cacio Pepe
    black pepper, parmesan & romano, linguine…

    Blue Corn Crusted Squash Relleno
    red quinoa and black lentil pilaf, braised kale, curried pecan butter and mango gastrique…

    Toasted Farro Bowl
    with seasonal vegetable…

    Starch Sides

    Trays feed 12 people. Cost is $ per tray.

    Herb Roasted Potatoes

    Scalloped Potato Gratin

    Wild Rice or Orzo Almond-Cranberry Pilaf

    Roasted Cauliflower Quinoa Pilaf

    Sun Dried Tomato Risotto Cakes

    Red Beet Pearled Cous Cous

    Penne Pasta with Pesto Cream

    Cheddar & Mexican Chorizo Polenta
    host’s choice of soft or baked

    Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

    Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

    Truffle Mac & Cheese
    with or without bacon additional $

    Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
    flavored with host’s choice of roasted garlic, blue cheese, green chile & cheddar, wasabi, or caramelized onions additional $

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